Yup, that's life.
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My name is Nico and i'm 20 years old.

Anonymous: how did you get tim? No offense, I'm just thinking that you're gay that you maybe adopted him together with Joe?

No offense taken :)

No but, Tim is all mine, not adopted. There was a time when I was 13-15 I had a girlfriend (this was BEFORE I figured out that I was gay) and like all other teenage boys I was like ”Oh, awesome SEX!” and long story short, we had sex and two months later I came out to her and she was cool with it, we split and I moved while she stayed in Cork.

During five years I met Joe and a half year before me and Joe decided that we were going to move to Sweden I got a call from her and she wanted to meet me, I went over to her place and she told me that she didn’t have much time left and that’s when the dropped the bomb - I was a dad. She had hid it from me and never told me until the very end.

She past away and I took Tim in last year. 

I do miss her so much tbh but yeah life’s a bitch ..

Anonymous: How old is your son?

He’s five :)

I seriously hate when Joe have to leave a week or more, because of his work .. Like, I miss my man, he and Tim are the only people that are keeping me sane at times not that I don’t enjoy spending time with my own son, I’m just saying that I need my Joe sometimes.

I know that he wouldn’t even think twice about quit, just for me! But I could never let Joe do that, never.

I’ll see him on sunday anyway but maaaaaan I do miss him :(

Anonymous: aren't homosexuals against or disgusted by heterosexual couples?

…. Don’t even know what to answer because this was a goddamn stupid question.

Anonymous: what do you think about heterosexual relationships?

What’s not to like about ‘em?

Love is always beautiful no matter what gender you like!

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